Himalayas Herbals Refreshing Cleansing Milk Review

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At the end of the year, I am going to review another amazing product and that is Himalayas Herbals Refreshing Cleansing Milk. This is a cleansing milk and I bought this from Health and glow outlet in Chennai. 

So, I bought this cleansing milk for removing my makeup and this is the first cleanser that I have tried. Initially I was not such a hoarder for makeup products and then I started watching YouTube gurus doing their makeup and I got addicted to makeup (that’s a completely different story! I will post it later). And I don’t regret it at all, because it is all about learning.

I would pacify myself saying that i learnt something new. So I badly needed a makeup remover to clean up my experimental makeup initially. And then when I visited health and glow, I picked this one up.

I use this product for removing my makeup and I also use this after coming back from office or after a tired or sunny day. I use my face wash after cleansing my skin.

About the product:
Himalaya Herbals cleansing milk is suitable for all skin types. It contains lemon and mentha supplements. Deep cleanses, clarifies and refreshes.

Price :
INR 145 for 200ml.

Himalayas Herbals refreshing cleansing milk comes in a plastic container and you have to just press the plastic container to get the product out. Overall packaging is good and the lid is quite tight so that there is no leakage or mess.

Experience on the product:
As I said, I use it after a long day at work or shopping to remove all the dirt from my face. Chennai is such a polluted city that you sweat a lot and so much of dirt gets settled on your face. The cleansing milk is more like thick milk, white and slightly runny.

I take just one pump of the product and massage it onto my face for 2 to 3 mins and wipe it off with a clean and wet cotton sponge, sometimes I even use a wet tissue, and then I use a gentle face wash to clean my face completely.

I like this product as it takes almost all the makeup very well. But I find it difficult to remove my kajal and waterproof mascara with this cleansing milk. I usually use baby oil to cleanse my eye makeup so I wold not say that this cleansing milk removes all the makeup.

For face makeup, yes, this is an excellent cleanser but for eye makeup you need to use a different one. And I have observed that when I use this product to cleanse my eye makeup, even a little product, around my eye area caused irritation and burning. I had to wash my eyes with cold water after that to soothe my eyes.

So I would definitely not recommend this cleanser for your eyes. You need only a little product to clean your face so this product lasts for a long time. And I know there are even better cleansers than this in the market but this product has many natural ingredients in it like lemon and grape seed and natural cleansers are rare in the market these days so I would say this is a good pick!

Final Verdict:
I would recommend this product for cleansing your face makeup but NOT your eye makeup cos it creates irritation. Plus it has some natural ingredients and it decently cleanses your face makeup so you would not regret buying this product!

1. Cleanses face makeup very well and removes dirt.
2. A little amount of the product is enough to remove the entire face makeup so this container goes a long way.
3. Contains some natural ingredients like lemon and grape seed.
4. Affordable
5. Suitable for all skin types.

1. Not suitable for removing eye makeup.
2. Irritates eye are if applied to remove eye makeup.

Overall Rating:

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