SWEAT PROOF Makeup Tips For INDIAN Summer

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This blog post is all about being beautiful during summers. The main problem we face during summers is that our makeup tends to melt away making us look like a disco ball. But we can prevent melting of makeup and control oil secretion using these simple methods.

1. Use A Sunscreen

Always remember to use a sunscreen before stepping out of the house. Sunscreen plays a vital role in preventing damage due to harmful sun rays. Use a light weight/matte/gel sunscreen to prevent your skin from getting oily.

2. Use a Primer.

Primer is important if you want your makeup to stay in place for a long time. Use a primer that helps in controlling oil and concentrate on the areas which tends to get more oily.

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3. Foundation / Concealer

If you need high coverage, you could use a foundation, but otherwise, you could just use a concealer to hide blemishes, spots and dark circles and skip out on the foundation, and use a compact powder to set the concealer in place. Using too much makeup during summers tends to make skin oily, hence always less is more.

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4. Loose / Pressed powder

Use a loose powder to set everything in place. Always dab the powder with a powder sponge on areas that tend to get more oily, especially on your T-Zone. Use a pressed powder to touch up your makeup while you are outside, but using a loose powder initially prevents your skin from getting too much oily.

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5. Eye liner and Mascara

Use a waterproof mascara and eye liner to control smudging due to heat and humidity. Always keep the makeup light and try not to go overboard with it. Avoid choosing smokey eye makeup, because you might not look presentable just in case your makeup melts.

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6. Other Makeup products

Using blush/bronzer/highlighter completely depends on the occasion, but I would highly suggest you to avoid them if you are going to office/shopping or even everyday makeup. If you are going to a party or wedding, make sure you have a touch up kit with you. Always remember less is more during summers, so never go heavy handed on any product.


Tip #1

Using aloevera gel as a moisturizer before applying makeup tends to hold makeup without making your face oily for a long time.

Tip #2

If you want to look fresh all day, use minimal makeup. Skip out on the foundation and use concealer for hiding imperfections. Avoid heavy eye and face makeup.

Tip #3

Use a fixing spray finally on your face to set the makeup in place for a long time, especially if you are going to attend a party or a wedding.

Tip #4 

Before any makeup make sure you have cleansed, toned and moisturized your face. This helps in hydrating your face and your skin does not create extra oil.

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