Nivea In-Shower Body Milk Skin Conditioner Review

Body Conditioner : Nivea In-shower Body Milk Review, Price and Buy Online In India

For a long time now, I have reviewed the products that worked best for me but I haven’t thought about reviewing anything which I don’t like mainly because I love sharing positive things. I have a few products in my stash which I bought with high expectations but they never worked that well. This is one such product but inspite of throwing it away I have found it to be of good use for another purpose!
Read more to know about the Nivea In-Shower Body Milk Skin Conditioner.
Nivea In-Shower Body Milk Skin Conditioner.
Nivea In-Shower Body Milk Skin Conditioner.
In-shower body milk : The first skin conditioner from Nivea. An easy and pleasant way of skin moisturization. The caring formula gets absorbed quickly on wet skin. Result : A silky, soft skin feeling when stepping out of the shower. There is no need to apply a body milk afterwards. Suitable for use after shaving and depilation. Skin compatibility dermatologically proven. Free of artificial colors and silicons. Readily Biodegradable.

The Nivea In-shower Body Milk comes in a blue plastic tube packaging. The product comes out when the tube is squeezed. It is a sturdy tube so there will not be any problem of spill or leakage and is travel friendly.


Nivea In-Shower Body Milk Skin Conditioner.

The body milk is a white thick milky lotion and it smells similar to the age old nivea moisturizer.

Honestly, I had nothing in my mind when I bought this, there were no expectations as such. All I wanted was to get rid of that dry skin on my arms. This product is for dry skin and contains Almond Oil. First time I used this in shower after rinsing my body with a body wash, just like how you would use a hair conditioner. I applied this milky cream and waited for few minutes before rinsing it off. 
Nivea In-Shower Body Milk Skin Conditioner.
When I started rinsing this product off from my body, I had the worst feeling that no product gave me ever. It was so slippery, slimy and it was not literally going off from my body. I had to rub and rub and rub and still I felt like there was some slimy substance sticking to my skin. This product also made my bathroom so very slippery that I had to water wash my bathroom floors and I was not ready to break my limbs. On the whole it was a horrible experience.
After all this, I towel dried my body and the slimy feeling was gone and my skin was moisturized enough. But I didn’t feel that freshness I used to have usually when I step out of the shower. I felt like I had to shower another time, but this time without using this conditioner.
One fine day, I was re-arranging my things and I found this full and unused bottle of this conditioner and then I had an idea to use this as a shaving lotion before shaving because of its characteristics. And voila! It worked so well as a shaving lotion because it is like a cream and made the hair on my arms and my feet soft and ready to shave. Moreover, since it is moisturizing, I did not have dry patches or dry skin after shaving, and my razor glided on so smoothly. I cannot be happy enough because I hate wasting my money.
INR 250
Overall, I hate this product as a body milk but I love it as a shaving lotion/cream. It definately moisturizes your skin to a great extent, but the pains of using it in the shower and the slimy, slippery feeling that I got will never convince me to use this once again as a body conditioner. I would not recommend this product to anyone as a body milk, buy yeah, as a shaving lotion, Nivea In-Shower Body Milk Skin Conditioner is worth a try!

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