Nyassa Oceana Foaming Face Scrub Review

Nyassa Oceana Foaming Face Scrub-Review, Buy Online In India

I got the Nyassa Oceana Face Scrub in my October fab bag. It is a sample sized product but I still haven’t used it completely because I use my DIY homemade scrub religiously. I scrub my face only twice a week sometimes only once, mainly because I have combination skin and I don’t wish to make my skin extremely dry. Most importantly, I use this scrub when I have used a good amount of makeup on my skin, and to remove all that makeup I need a scrub which cleanses my skin and scrubs away all the dirt, grime and makeup.
Read on to know more about Nyassa Oceana Foaming Face Scrub.


The Oceana Foaming Face Scrub by Nyassa comes with Apricot extracts that gives you a soft, fresh and radiant skin. The strong aquatic fragrance transports you to the blue Mediterranean beaches. The face scrub is endowed with a light texture making it perfect for oily and dry skin alike making it a must-have for your skin care regimen. This exotic body scrub exfoliates polishes and moisturises your skin in an effortless fashion leaving you with a glowing skin. The luxurious foam cleanses your body and the fragrance lingers on all day long. The enriched cleansing provided by this scrub removes all impurities and promotes healthy skin for both body and face.

Fragrance type: Aquatic
Fragrance Scale: Strong


Nyassa Oceana Foaming Face Scrub is an exfoliating face wash which foams up like a face wash and also has minute particles for scrubbing. So this product will double up as a scrub and a facewash. I really liked how this product cleansed my skin well, removed all dirt and grime, removed makeup and make my skin look and feel squeaky clean. Since it was a sample size product which came in Fab Bag, I did not expect much more than this.

But apart from that, I did not like the fragrance of the scrub. It smells like a washing powder detergent and they claim that it has aquatic fragrance. Trust me, it smells nothing like aquatic. I use this after a long day to cleanse and remove all that dirt and grime and it does its job pretty well. It did not make my skin dry.

Another issue I faced was, the availability of the product. This product is not widely available in online beauty stores. Overall, this is a good exfoliating face scrub.

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I recieved mine in fab bag so obviously this is a sample sized product. It came in a tub packaging with a black screw-type cap and transparent tub.


Apricot seeds powder, DM Water, apricot extract sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, coco betaine, coco glucoside, glycerin, disodium EDTA, acrylates copolymer and fragrance.


The Nyassa Oceana Foaming Face Scrub has a brown gel like consitency with minute particles in it for scrubbing. It has the perfect consistency of a face wash so you need not wet the product to apply it, you just need to use it like a face wash.  


WEBSITE: http://nyassabathandbody.com/

INR 900 (as mentioned on the website)

215gms  (as mentioned on the website)


1. Cleanses skin well.
2. Removes dirt, grime and makeup.
3. Does not make skin dry.
4. Exfoliating face wash, eliminated the need to use face wash.
5. Easy to clean
6. Exfoliating particles not harsh on skin.


1. Availability is an issue
2. No aquatic fragrance, has a soapy odour.


Overall, Nyassa Oceana Foaming Face Scrub is a good facial exfoliating face wash and does a decent job in cleansing the face. I would have loved it if they were available easily.

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