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We all take photographs on so many devices but we don’t cherish them forever because we don’t have a physical copy of the photographs. All our photographs are in mobile phones and SD cards, whereas earlier we used to take copies of photos for every event! Do we ever realize that the happiness while we look at old photographs is somehow lost these days due to digital formats of photos? Memories bring so much happiness in our lives and I wanted to give life to one such memory. I wanted to print out our first anniversary picture and while I was looking for options, Canvas Champ contacted me and I readily agreed after having a look at their website.

Canvas Champ Review and Shopping Experience


Because canvas prints are customized products, we know there are a lot of expectations that our customers have and we have an excellent customer service team that is available around the clock just to help you get the exact product that you have in mind. The materials we use for our prints are better than or at least up to the industry standards and we can assure you that our customer friendly prices have not come at the expense of quality. Our design wizards are up to any task you have for them, and with a combined experience of well over 25 years in graphic designing, there is no request we cannot fulfill.

After serving businesses and vendors in the print and advertisement industry for over two decades, Shreyas Plastics, was established with vision to serve directly to the end customer. After an excellent response and success of, we were excited and motivated to provide more products and services to our customers that would be used more for personal use than business. And thus Canvas Champ was formed.

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Canvas is a division of Shreyas Plastics


When CanvasChamp contacted me, I had a look at their website and I should say that I was awestruck with the number of options available. Had I known about their website two years ago when I got married, I would have saved a lot of money. Because I spent out a lot of money during that time printing and framing out pictures, and moreover I was not provided with so many options back then.

Our first anniversary picture taken at Talacauvery, Coorg.

CanvasChamp has a lot of options and they let you select from a variety of prints like canvas print, specialty print, framed print and peel and stick. I ordered a canvas print and I also sent them our first anniversary picture and I must say, their customer service is quick and friendly. I received my order the next day itself, their delivery is super quick!

The package came well packed and the product intact with no damage. The product was sealed with a plastic wrapper so that the picture does not get any scratches. I loved the product and the overall user experience. I hope to get more pictures done from them very soon mainly because their delivery is hassle-free and excellent customer service.

Canvas Print by Canvas Champ

They also have cash on delivery option, gift cards and 30% Navratri Offer going on.





*P.S Partially sponsored haul. Honest Review.

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