Skincare products for baby

As you know, I am a new mommy and just like any other mom I have my own share of tips regarding skincare products for babies. Always remember that every baby is different and what works for one baby may not work for another. So always get advice from pediatrician regarding the use of any product before trying it on your baby. Here are a few skin care products that I use for my baby.

Skincare products for baby
Skincare products for baby


I use extra virgin coconut oil to give a massage, but, now that she has started crawling it’s not so easy to massage. Anyhow I take care that the oil stays for at least 10 mins to keep her skin moisturized. I would always prefer the use of pressed oil from the mills and avoid using any oil which has mineral oil content in them.

Body Wash

I started using homemade bath powder when my daughter was 5 months old. The powder is made using gram flour, green gram, dried rose petal, dried orange peel, dried neem leaves, almonds and turmeric. When I am running errands, I use Sebamed baby wash which is mild and soft on my baby’s skin.

Body lotion

I use Sebamed body lotion after bath abd before going to bed. Since their skin is very soft, it tends to get dry very quickly. I love this baby lotion because it gets absorbed quickly and keeps her skin moisturized for a long time. You may also use coconut oil as a lotion.

Grooming kit

The grooming kit from chicco contains all the necessary items for babies like comb, nail filer and brush. This kit is quite useful and travel friendly. Trim your baby’s nails very often to avoid dirt going into their mouth.

Diaper Rash Cream

The diaper rash cream is also from Sebamed and I would highly suggest to apply diaper rash cream every time before changing diapers. Also, do note that not all rashes are the same. So it os always best to consult the doctor before doing any self medication.

Trimming baby nails is the biggest fear of any new mom. You may also ask the help of nurses to trim nails during your visit to the hospital.


I used 100% cotton squares from chicco, dipped in warm water. Try to avoid using any wipes as much as possible.

Babies have very delicate skin hence avoid the use of any chemical product as much as possible. Babies tend to get eczema and other skin related problems during the first 3 months of their life due to the change in environment. Hence consult a doctor and keep the baby clean always in case of any skin care problems.

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