Tips to Travel With A Baby


I can now draft this post because I have traveled thrice from Singapore and India with my baby and I have also traveled by train once. I must say that I have learnt a lot with mistakes. Travelling with a baby is not easy especially when you have a clingy baby who wants to be only with you. Read on to know more Tips to Travel With A Baby.

Tips to Travel With A Baby
Tips to Travel With A Baby

  1. Never plan a quick travel : Always make a plan in such a way that you have a day or a couple of hours extra. Do not have a tightly packed schedule with a baby. You need energy to handle a baby/toddler. Even when you have help from family, plan and travel wisely so that the trip is not messed up.

2. Always be prepared : There will be people staring at you when your baby/toddler is cranky and fussy. Never pay attention to them and just do what you would do at home. Most importantly, do not get angry or depressed at the behavior of your baby. Your baby is still trying to adjust to the new environment and travelling is definitely something very new for your baby.

3. Carry essentials : Pack your diaper bag light but never forget essentials. Carry medicines, baby food, pacifiers, extra clothes for you and baby, some toys, snacks etc. A heavy and bulky diaper bag will make handling both the bag and the baby difficult. Keep travel documents separately where nothing else is kept. Keep mostly used items in a place where it can be easily be accessible.

4. Travel by air : When you travel by air, make sure to book a bassinet for infants by calling the airlines prior to your travel date. However there are different guidelines for different airlines regarding travelling with infants. Do not be surprised when you are not given a bassinet because either they have too many infants who are younger than your baby or they have very less bassinets to offer. Many airlines prefer breastfeeding/bottle feeding infants while takeoff/landing, whereas some don’t, so please wait for clear instructions from the crew.

5. Travel by train : When you have to travel in train make sure that the travel is short. Never plan long distance train travel with an infant. If you have planned to travel by train, make sure you have a lot of clothes to change the baby.

6. New toys and activities : Keep some new toys with you and some activity books which will keep them engaged for a while. A good idea is to gift wrap the toys and activity books and give them as gifts to your toddler when they behave well. This will encourage them to stay calm during trips.


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  1. I was very comfortable woth train travel untill my son began to walk. Once he began to walk, travelling by train alone with him became impossible.
    Very apt and helpful tips

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