Top 8 Resources For New Moms


I remember when I was pregnant I used to wonder why new moms always complain about lack of sleep. But soon after I started to realize that I was not prepared enough and I did not know a lot of things and during the end of pregnancy, I joined a few communities which has helped a lot. Read on to know more about a few resources that helped me.

Top 8 Resources For New Moms, Indian Mommy Blog
Top 8 Resources For New Moms


The best feature of this app is that when you register, they send monthly milestones to be achieved by your kid and most importantly they also have articles related to women’s health  and their postpartum changes. No matter how you feed your baby, formula/express/pump/direct feed, they have solutions for all your problems. They also have a community where new moms can chat and birth clubs where you can chat with moms of the same due date/month.


Among the many mommy groups available in Facebook, I like to follow only a few genuinely created and highly moderated groups. Some of them are

Informed Birthing India –

The idea of this group is to support would be parents in their pregnancy journey by empowering them with knowledge so they can take an informed decision at the right time.
This group is ideally for couples who are planning to embark on the journey of pregnancy either first time or not, to know about the different options they have when it comes to place of birthing, pain relief, who they want to be present in the labour room and much more.


Ask The Village –

Ask the village is a highly moderated group in which you can post queries directly or anonymously. This group is very useful for baby related queries and day-to-day life related queries. The admins strictly monitor the page so that no one is judged or mistaken and there are certain rules to be followed in the group.

Traditional weaning (Introducing Solids) India –

Traditional Weaning is weaning (introducing solids) with traditional purees, porridge or mashed and semi-solids when baby meets all the criteria of readiness for solids.

Baby-Led Weaning India (Self Fed Babies)

BLW – This means the baby eats what the family eats (minus salt, sugar, honey, chilli). Baby eats normal food on their own. Baby-Led Weaning India is a group which has information on how to get blw started and related queries.

Traditional weaning and Baby Led Weaning groups are for queries and solutions on how to start solids, recipes and weaning.

Breastfeeding support for Indian Moms –

This group (BSIM) focuses on solving all your problems related to breastfeeding, lack of supply, increasing suppy and many other related queries.

Baby Wearing India –

This group has all the information regarding baby carriers, their types, vendors and all related queries will be answered here. You can also sell/purchase preloved carriers from other mommies.

Cloth Diapering India –

This group focuses to minimize the use of disposable diapers and using cloth diapers which are both eco friendly and good for your baby. The group explains about different types of cloth diapers, how to use them,  list of vendors,  how to order, building a stash and solutions for related queries. You can also sell/purchase preloved CD’s.

I would highly request you to read the pinned post in all the above mentioned groups, preferably before your baby arrives. So that you would have all the info and you would have a lot of time to pick and choose.

Motherhood is a journey, it is not a competition, so think and decide what is best for your baby and enjoy the phase.

*P.S This is not a sponsored post.

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