Party Planning – Birthday party planning, what you need to know!

We recently celebrated our little one’s first birthday and we planned everything from the start till the end, with most of our conversations only through whatsapp and skype calls. If you are planning for a big party, here are key essential things to be taken care of.


Firstly, work out a plan on the possible limit that you can spend on a birthday party. Split the amount and see if you can cover everything you planned for. This will clearly give you an idea of how your party is going to turn out.


Party Planning

Since 80% of the money goes to the venue rental and catering, it is always wise to choose a hotel which wont cost you more than 70% of the planned budget (considering 10% as tax).


Here comes the main part, the theme and decorator. Never get fooled by decorators who promise to do big things with a huge budget. Your baby is a year old and will never remember anything that happened on this day. Choose a theme which matches the budget and something catchy. Flex banners wont cost much, hence roughly calculate on things which your decorator promises to do and see if its worth the expense.

We chose a “dream catcher theme” only because of the tag line “dream big lil one”, because we thought that it would be the perfect blessing from friends and family.


Party Planning

Make sure that your little one’s outfit is comfortable and not too difficult for them to handle. Once they feel uncomfortable and cranky, its going to be difficult to handle.


Party Planning

Choose to give return gifts to kids who come to your party or to all the elders. It is definitely not possible to please everyone so always go by your budget and liking.


Party Planning

Make sure that your baby sleeps right before the party so that they can stay active throughout without getting cranky.

Carry your baby’s favorite snacks and food to offer just in case the baby is cranky or hungry.

You baby is more important than anything else, attend to your crying baby first and then continue with the party.

Feed your baby before the party and in between.

Lastly, never compare your life with other’s. If you are not able to spend a lot of money on a party, its okay, your child needs you and your love. Spending quality time with your baby is much more important than anything else.

Happy Parenting!

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  1. You covered each and every aspect here. The decoration is looking very pretty. I liked the idea of that board where everyone can write something for the baby. This will be such a great memory. Lovely pictures. Great post as always! 🙂

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