Quick Mommy Skincare Routine with Innisfree

The reality of being a mommy is that you will always have a tiny little human being always around your legs. Thereby giving you less or no time for yourself. Whatever you do, you need to be quick! Like really quick! Before they notice and come to you. This is my life for the past 1 year and I have been successful in maintaining a skin care routine. Let’s begin with my quick mommy skincare routine.

Quick Mommy Skincare Routine with Innisfree


Quick Mommy Skincare Routine with Innisfree

I believe in double cleansing and cleansing with oils. Hence I use the green tea balancing cleansing oil from Innisfree. It is a light weight oil with a mild fragrance and removes makeup and dirt effectively. I use baby wipes to wipe off the oil and follow it up with a facewash.

Face Wash:

Quick Mommy Skincare Routine with Innisfree

I cleanse my face with a green tea cleansing foam, from the kit, and it is a creamy facewash which doesnt lather much but leaves your skin super clean. It leaves my skin a little dry after usage.


The kit doesnt come with a toner. I would highly recommend the Kama ayurveda Rose water spray but since I am trying out new rose water toners, I am currently usuing the rose water from Banjaras.


Quick Mommy Skincare Routine with Innisfree

Post the application of a toner, I apply the Innisfree Green tea Seed Serum. This is the gem out of all, this serum made my skin clear, no marks, no hyper pigmentation and I am happy with it. I have decided to get a full bottle after finishing this one.

Quick Mommy Skincare Routine with Innisfree

Following the serum, I also apply The Green Tea Seed Cream from Innisfree, which is a thick cream, but moisturizes your skin well for more than 5 hours.


Quick Mommy Skincare Routine with Innisfree

I am currently loving two sunscreens, the first one is from Lotus Herbals and the other one is from Neutrogena. I would say that I am loving Neutrogena sunscreen a tad bit more than the Lotus sunscreen.

Face Masks:

I am not comfortable with mixing face masks and applying them and waiting for it to get dried up. Because that’s just too much of work for me and it just doesnt work for running errands. Hence I use sheet masks from Innisfree and eye masks from Miniso (Miniso is a Japanese store which has quite interesting stuff like these)

Buy innisfree products from here (non-affiliate) and Neutrogena sunscreen from here (non-affiliate).

If you are gifted with some extra time, do take time for yourself to get yourself pampered at a salon. I do it when my husband babysits because as mums, we need that extra “me” time to rejuvenate your minds.

Happy Parenting!

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  1. Lovely post. I totally understand how busy you must be with the little one. I have used Innisfree sheet masks which are great but never tried the creams and cleansers. These sound good. If I find it here I will definitely try. 🙂

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