Tips To Declutter Your Home

Maintaining a neatly organized home is not an easy task. It is a series of decluttering and organizing that happens every now and then. But it can be made easy when we take up a little corner of our house everyday and attempt to declutter and organize. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you start decluttering.

Tips To Declutter Your Home, lifestyle blogger
Tips To Declutter Your Home


Never take the decision of cleaning, decluttering and organizing on the same day. It is difficult and you tend to hurry up and miss many details. Even starting with a full room is not advisable. Start with a small corner or a small section, build it furthur if you have time. In this way, it takes many days but stays organized for a long time.


Small things which create a mess easily such as kid’s lego, small toys, cars, sewing utilities, snacks etc. easily becomes messy when not arranged. Use a box or organizer to serve the purpose and never forget to put it back.


I have to admit that I buy organizing stuffs way before I start organizing and sometimes they don’t fit my space or I buy them just because I saw them in an organizing video.

Try to declutter, and visualize the space you have and then (if possible measure) buy organizers. They are not cheap and if they are useless, adds up space and you will have to declutter them as well.


This is useful when you are moving from one space to another and you go on a shopping spree to decorate your new space. NO, first organize with what you have and then if they don’t fit, buy and re-organize.

A lot of things will be put to use, you will know what you have, sometimes creativity works – all this happens only when you use what you have.


Dedicate 10 mins of your time every day to put things back in place. Choose a time either in the morning or at night. I do it at night so that i wake up to a clean and neat home, which gives a lot of positivity to start the day.


For folding clothes and arranging them, follow konmari, which has been a savior to me. The konmari arrangements never gets messed up easily. There are a lot of tutorials online for the same.

Official Konmari Website

How to clean your room – Konmari Method


There are a few traditional methods that were followed by our parents in organizing a home. While we take up the good ones, it is also important to unlearn a few of them and adjust to the changes in availability of space which makes living much more peaceful.


Teach your family to keep things in place and also involve them in arranging. Especially, the kids, tell them to put their toys back to where they came from. My 16 month old daughter now understands that her dolls have a place.


Keep a schedule plan that works for you. You may search the internet or frame one for yourself. Ultimately, it’s you who knows your life very well, when you will be able/not able to organize. Once a plan is made, stick to the plan, which also means, your plan must be do-able.


Never force yourself. Take your time. Organizing and decluttering is only a way to discipline your life. There is nothing wrong in waking up to a messy house somedays. But waking up everyday to a messy unorganized house affects your quality time. So try to stay disciplined as much as possible.

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