Baby Product Fail!

As a new mom or mom to be, we would always get tempted to buy more and more stuff for our babies. And with online shopping, we are bound to spend a lot of money on those cute stuff. But, not all of them are useful. Some are really useless and makes me cringe when I see them thinking how much of waste of money it was.


Now a lot of different brands come up with massage oil for babies. Unless your peadiatrician recommends a brand due to certain complications, I would say, coconut oil/olive oil/mustard oil or any 100% natural extra virgin oils does wonders on a bay’s skin.

I persoonally used coconut oil and I loved it for massaging before bath and after bath too as a moisturizer.


There is definately a lot of hype about this product. But somehow this product works for some people. At the hospital, nurses teach you to use a normal pillow for support while feeding your baby and somehow I think we get used to it.

I felt more comfortable using a pillow, rather than putting this feeding pillow everytime I nurse, was an extra job and didnt feel comfortable.


Your baby starts learning the day he/she is born. Mittens are of no use if you would want your child to explore his/her own body. Contant filing of nails will avoid the baby scratching his/her face, I wouldn’t recommend mittens.


New born babies grow so quickly from 0-3 months of age. Hence spending a lot of money on expensive clothing is a waste of money, unless you have a lot of babies in the family who will be reusing them. Also, you will be getting a lot of gifts as clothes from friends and family, hence it is wise to choose bigger clothes so that your child can wear it for a little longer.


Before your baby starts to walk, shoes are not so important. Having some cute socks is more than enough for the baby to feel warm when you go out, unless you live in extreme cold climatic conditions.


Hats and caps look good on a baby but their head grows as they grow and also they tend to pull it off too often. If its winter, then yes, you can have a set of caps but otherwise it is only a waste of money.

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