Rujuta Diwekar’s Diet Plan

With a lot of diets coming up, new terms are being introduced and we are always on the search for a “diet” that fits into our lifestyle. Let the truth be told. There is no fancy diet that allows binge eating, indulging in junk, whereas you can do so with Rujuta’s Diet. Read on to know more.

Rujuta Diwekar's Diet Plan, Indian Blogger
Rujuta Diwekar’s Diet Plan

Who is Rujuta?

Born in a typical middle-class Maharashtrian family, Rujuta imbibed the principles of ‘continuous learning’ and ‘pursuit of excellence in your field’ by default and not from a self-help book. After her graduation, as she contemplated how to pursue her passion further, luckily the Mumbai University started a post-graduation program called ‘Sports science and Nutrition’ in collaboration with IIT, Mumbai. And she was on her way.

What is her diet all about?

There is no specific diet, according to her, going back to our roots and eating what our grandmother ate, does wonders to our body. You can have home cooked regular meal with the exception of a few habits that we have incorporated into our diets.

  1. Your first meal of the day should never be tea/coffee. You can have a glass of warm water followed by any fruit or a handful of nuts. You can have tea with your morning breakfast later on.
  2. Exercise at least thrice a week. Include strength training as a part of your workout routine.
  3. Don’t eat 3 full meals. Instead, eat 6-7 small meals a day. Our body digests food every 2 hours, hence when you keep refilling your body every 2 hours, you don’t binge eat especially in the evening.
  4. Early dinner between 7-8 pm, ideally 3 hours before you sleep.
  5. Eat Local produce. The more the food has traveled, the more loss of nutrition.
  6. If you like sweets, eat sugar in the form of sugar as kheer, sheera, homemade cake, laddus etc, Do not eat processed sugar like biscuits, energy bars (even if they claim to be sugar free). Eat a sweet dish as a meal not in large quantities, in a limited portion.
  7. Believe in losing inches and not weight.
  8. Drink lots of water.
  9. Inculcate the habit of practicing yoga.
  10. Listen to your taste buds and your stomach and not your heart and mind.
  11. When you serve food for yourself, serve only half of what you would usually take, finish it slowly and being completely aware of what you are eating and then take more if you need.
  12. Count the nutrition in the food and not the calories. You may feel that a mango, whole fat milk or cheese or ghee has lots of calories but remember that it has ample amount of nutrition. Have it without feeling guilty. It helps you lose weight.
  13. Eat everything you have been eating all your life, all home cooked. Stop restaurant food and processed food.
  14. Realistic goal is the key.

Recently, she has started a fitness project where she elaborately breaks down the diet into weeks guidelines, do’s and dont’s.

Can I do It?

Yes with some effort because you really need some prep to eat 6-7 meals a day. This is the “doable” diet I have come across so far. You can happily eat home cooked food without splurging in a lot of “diet based ingredients”. Hence it is cheap. You need not prepare a separate meal for you and your family. She even allows you to have chaat between 4-6 pm as a snack once a week, which most diets don’t offer. Basically, you need not sacrifice anything, just keep your meal timings accurate and enjoy eating and exercise thrice a week.

I have been following this diet for quite sometime and I will continue doing it, for one reason, it makes me happy and I am losing some inches.

If you want to know how I follow Rujuta’s diet, follow me on my Instagram handle, listed below.

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