Organic Baby Bath powder – DIY


Every baby product, even the one that says organic, has a lot of chemicals in it. Considering the shelf life and usage, no company will be able to manufacture a product without chemicals at all. When it is completely organic, the shelp life is limited. Hence I trust my family’s home made bath powder recipe, and I’m sure every Indian family has one. I started using this bath powder when my baby was 6 months old. The reason I did not use it earlier was because their skin is so gentle and soft hence it is prone to rashes. Let’s get to the preparation of organic baby bath powder.

Organic Baby Bath powder - DIY, Indian beauty blog
Organic Baby Bath powder – DIY
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Tips For Healthy Hair

Hello Everyone,

In this blog post I will be sharing some tips for Healthy Hair. Recently, I had a few technical glitches on my blog and hence I was not able to post regularly on my blog. Having solved them, I have a regular schedule now, where I will be posting every Monday-Wednesday-Friday-Sunday (every alternate day). I also have some exciting series coming up, so stay connected on all my social media links to know more about it.

Coming back to this blog post, I had thick and wavy hair right from my childhood, but due to improper routine and time constraint (since I had a 9-5 job and had to travel for 4 hours everyday), my hair started thinning. When I wanted to grow my hair back, it wasn’t easy as I thought it would. I spent a lot of money on hair care products and I also did many treatments in hair salons but it was of no use. Then I started concentrating on DIY hair care products, masks and started maintaining a healthy routine for my hair and I did see a change. So here, I am listing down a few points, which I follow on a day to day basis which helped me grow my hair back.

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DIY Face Mask For Sun Tan Removal

Hello everyone,

Today’s blog post is going to be about a home made mask to remove sun tan. Summers are here and you just cannot avoid going out during summers. Sometimes we get tanned even after using loads of sunscreen. This mask is a solution for removing stubborn tan from your face. This face mask works like magic for me. It removes all sunburns and dullness from my face due to sun exposure.


1. Gram Flour is used to combat oily skin, soothes acne prone skin, fades away blemishes, wipes out sun tan, lightens dark patches, enhances skin tone and keeps skin radiant.
2. Curd treats sun burns, cleans skin and provides natural glow, has anti ageing properties, moisturizes and exfoliates skin, tones freckles and wrinkles and minimizes blemishes.
3. Turmeric has anti bacterial properties, treats blemishes, treats acne, brightens skin and removes sun tan.

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6 Ways To Use Coconut Oil – DIY

Hello Again,

This blog post is going to be all about coconut oil and the different ways you can use coconut oil in your everyday life. According to me coconut oil is nature’s gift and it is loaded with lots of good things, which can be used for multiple purposes. You can cut down a lot of expenditure that you make on skin care products if you have a bottle of coconut oil available.

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Face Scrub to remove sun tan, pimples, acne, dark spots and black heads- DIY

Hello Everyone,

Today in this blog post I am going to tell you how you can make your own home made face exfoliate with just 3 ingredients which is easily available in your kitchen. I love trying new DIY face treatments and experimenting them, especially homemade chemical-free recipes . I’ve always been amazed thinking how well they work when compared to the ones we get in the market.

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Egg Mask For Long And Shiny Hair | Fast Growing Hair Treatment – DIY

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Hello Everyone!

Today I am going to share a DIY egg hair mask. You can make this at home very easily and it makes your hair softer, smoother, silkier and stronger. This hair mask also prevents dryness and it is very moisturizing.

You can use either the yolk part of the egg or just the white of the egg or both depending on your hair type.

Egg White – for oily hair and scalp
Egg yolk – for dry brittle hair
Whole egg – for normal hair

Ingredients Required:

1 egg
1 whole lemon


1. Take either yolk/egg white/whole egg (depending on your hair type) in a bowl.
2. Squeeze the whole lemon and add the juice to the same bowl.
3. Whisk the mixture well.
5. Take partitions of your hair and apply the mixture all over your scalp using a hair brush.
6. Put your hair to a bun and cover your hair with a shower cap.
7. Let it sit for 10-15 mins and then wash your hair with shampoo.


1. Lemon reduces the smell of the eggs to a certain extent. If you don’t like the smell of eggs on your hair, you could use only the egg white with lemon.
2. Lemon also reduces dandruff  and makes your hair shinier.
3. Never use hot water for washing your hair. Use only warm water.
4. I apply this mask once a week and it has tamed my frizzy hair and also made it softer and shinier.

I hope this post was helpful.
Thank you,
Purplish Vintage.

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Hair Conditioning – Oiling Routine for soft shiny Hair – DIY

Hello Everyone!

Lets talk about deep conditioning the roots of your hair. Coconut Oil is one of my favorite oils and it works wonders on your hair. It is one of the cheaply available oils in India. Ancient Indians have used it religiously on their mane and in every household in India we hear our grandparents telling us to use Coconut oil for our hair.

Now, coming to the benefits of Coconut oil, it has amazing properties and also contains Vitamin K, Vitamin E and Iron. But always make sure that the Coconut Oil that you use is 100% organic and chemical-free. I use homemade Coconut oil which is available in Kerala, India where you can almost find coconut oil mills/homemade coconut oil in every street. So it is always 100% organic.

Things you will need:

100% coconut oil
A big bowl
A small bowl
Cotton pad

Heat the big bowl half-filled with water and while it is heating, take some coconut oil in the small bowl and carefully place it on the water in the big bowl. Take care not to immerse the small bowl, as bowl should only float on the water in the big bowl. This is called double boiling technique. Always do not heat the oil directly on flame because it might cause damage to your roots. Once the coconut oil has heated up, remove the bowl and touch the oil with your fingers to see if the heat is bearable. If it is bearable, take a cotton pad and dip it in warm oil, take sections of your hair and dab the cotton ball on the roots of your hair. Similarly divide small potions of hair ising a comp and dab the oil, so that your scalp is completely oily. Now comb your hair and tie it to a bun and wait for 30 mins to 1 hour and then rinse off completely with a mild shampoo.


Points to Remember :

1. Always use 100% organic coconut oil.
2. The oil should be warm, not too hot/cold.

Purplish Vintage.

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