A Letter To My Younger Self!

Dear Younger Self,

You are strong, you will realize it soon.

Family is very important, spend time as much as possible so that you don’t regret later.

Your mom loves you, dad does too, even now, even though he is not here now to tell this himself.

There is no need to be angry and confused at the same time, he is always with you.

As you get older, you will understand that it is going to get easier and it is going to hurt less. I promise.

You are going to meet some great (“special”) people who will make your life better and some terrible ones too.

Terrible ones will make you appreciate the great ones.

Some will help you tranform yourself into your “best version”.

They will make you think if you really deserve all that love from them.

Never doubt your instict, never doubt if you are doing something wrong, never doubt your worth.

You don’t need someone to tell you how great you are because you should already know that.




Don’t try to impress people who don’t like you, it’s their loss and don’t let them change you.


In a few years, you will fall in love with a person, who is going to change you in to a “better version” of yourself, like I mentioned before.

Life is going to be beautiful than ever.

That person is going to be so proud of you, proud of your flaws, proud of your decisions, mistakes and yourself more than you are.

I  am proud of you.

You are strong and you will be forever.

Thanks for reading. If you’ve read fully, I thank you for doing so. I have ended this letter with tears, going past my life, which I never do these days. This letter was my contribution to #womensdayblogparty.


I want to thank all the hosts:

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I would like to thank Latika Ratti for introducing me in her blog. Do read her blog post by clicking the link below.


I would also like to introduce Surbhi Mahobia, a fellow momma, and an amazing blogger. Do check out her post too.

3018 – Women Take On The Universe

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Party Planning – Birthday party planning, what you need to know!

We recently celebrated our little one’s first birthday and we planned everything from the start till the end, with most of our conversations only through whatsapp and skype calls.  If you are planning for a big party, here are key essential things to be taken care of.


Firstly, work out a plan on the possible limit that you can spend on a birthday party. Split the amount and see if you can cover everything you planned for. This will clearly give you an idea of how your party is going to turn out.


Party Planning

Since 80% of the money goes to the venue rental and catering, it is always wise to choose a hotel which wont cost you more than 70% of the planned budget (considering 10% as tax).


Here comes the main part, the theme and decorator. Never get fooled by decorators who promise to do big things with a huge budget. Your baby is a year old and will never remember anything that happened on this day. Choose a theme which matches the budget and something catchy. Flex banners wont cost much, hence roughly calculate on things which your decorator promises to do and see if its worth the expense.

We chose a “dream catcher theme” only because of the tag line “dream big lil one”, because we thought that it would be the perfect blessing from friends and family.


Party Planning

Make sure that your little one’s outfit is comfortable and not too difficult for them to handle. Once they feel uncomfortable and cranky, its going to be difficult to handle.


Party Planning

Choose to give return gifts to kids who come to your party or to all the elders. It is definitely not possible to please everyone so always go by your budget and liking.


Party Planning

Make sure that your baby sleeps right before the party so that they can stay active throughout without getting cranky.

Carry your baby’s favorite snacks and food to offer just in case the baby is cranky or hungry.

You baby is more important than anything else, attend to your crying baby first and then continue with the party.

Feed your baby before the party and in between.

Lastly, never compare your life with other’s. If you are not able to spend a lot of money on a party, its okay, your child needs you and your love. Spending quality time with your baby is much more important than anything else.

Happy Parenting!

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My Pregnancy Diet | Tips and Tricks

My Pregnancy Diet

I never thought I would be drafting this blog post as I personally don’t follow strict diets. I did not have any diet restriction from day 1. I ate what I liked and I used to eat out occasionally as well. I am not allergic to any foods and I did not have any medical complaints throughout my pregnancy. Hence I highly suggest you to follow your doctor’s diet if you have been given one.

My Pregnancy Diet, Indian Beauty Blog
My Pregnancy Diet

Early morning: 5 almonds + 2 walnuts with a cup of milk

Breakfast : any homemade breakfast like idly, dosa, upma, kichdi with a small cup of tea.

Mid-morning : a cup of drumstick leaves soup (helps in increasing hemoglobin levels) and a fruit.

Lunch: Homemade lunch like rice, sambar or any vegetable curry with any veggie stir fry with a cup of masala chaas.

Eg: rice, sambar and beetroot stir fry. Chaas is buttermilk seasoned with asafoetida, cumin powder, curry leaves and ginger. On days when I prepare non-veg meal, I usually have salad or boiled veggies seasoned with salt and pepper

Evening snack : boiled channa/goundnut/cow peas/green peas flavored with some onions, tomatoes, salt, pepper and lemon juice + 1 fruit.

Dinner : Homemade which is usually upma, roti & sabji or porridge.

I also have warm jeera water every night to avoid gassy tummy.


  • Always listen to your doctor and alter food based on doctor’s recommendation.
  • Carry some homemade/ store bought snacks whenever you go out to avoid being hungry for a long time.
  • Eat every 2-3 hours and do not starve. If you starve, you are also making your child starve.
  • Drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated. If you suffer from morning sickness, drink plenty of juices and water.
  • Before following any home remedies for any ailments, consult your gynaec.
  • While eating out, choose to eat veggies and avoid maida or any processed food/junk.
  • Snack on healthy nuts, puffed rice, fruits and trail mixes. Avoid packaged junk.
  • Fruits can be flavored with salt and pepper and lemon juice to make it tastier and to avoid binge eating.

Delivering a healthy baby should be the ultimate goal and do not stress thinking on whether you will have a normal delivery or a c-sec. Either ways, when the baby and you are healthy, lots of problems can be avoided.

Motherhood is an amazing journey. Start it right with the best food for your baby and yourself.

Happy Parenting!

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Wedding Makeup essentials

Indian Bridal Makeup – Must Have products

Building a trousseau can be very stressful for brides-to-be especially when there are too many rituals, planning outfits, deciding on the makeup etc. But when you have a handy makeup kit, you can dress for any occasion and outfit. Here I have listed a few must haves in your makeup kit that you need to buy just before your wedding.

Wedding Makeup essentials, Indian Beauty Blog
Wedding Makeup essentials
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Top 5 Everyday Essentials


Be it summer or winter you need certain skincare products in your life. I have severe pigmentation problems and if I don’t take care of my skin, my skin definitely shows. Hence I never travel without these in my bag. Read on to know more about my top 5 everyday essentials.

Top 5 Everyday Essentials
Top 5 Everyday Essentials
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Skincare products for baby

As you know, I am a new mommy and just like any other mom I have my own share of tips regarding skincare products for babies. Always remember that every baby is different and what works for one baby may not work for another. So always get advice from pediatrician regarding the use of any product before trying it on your baby. Here are a few skin care products that I use for my baby.

Skincare products for baby
Skincare products for baby
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My Experience With Canvas Champ – Shopping Experience


We all take photographs on so many devices but we don’t cherish them forever because we don’t have a physical copy of the photographs. All our photographs are in mobile phones and SD cards, whereas earlier we used to take copies of photos for every event! Do we ever realize that the happiness while we look at old photographs is somehow lost these days due to digital formats of photos? Memories bring so much happiness in our lives and I wanted to give life to one such memory. I wanted to print out our first anniversary picture and while I was looking for options, Canvas Champ contacted me and I readily agreed after having a look at their website.

Canvas Champ Review and Shopping Experience
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Best Oils For Hair Growth | Oils For Healthy Hair


We have heard that hair fall, dandruff, hair thinning and more hair problems reduce with constant application of natural oils. Our parents and grandparents keep stressing on the fact that applying oil reduces hair fall. However, recently there are a few discussions over the internet where some people totally deny the fact that hair oil promotes hair growth. I strongly believe that hair oil nourishes your hair and moisturizes it and thereby in addition to proper diet, promotes hair growth. Here, I have compiled a list of oils for hair growth.

Image Source : Pixabay
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Monsoon Hair Care Tips – Tips To Prevent Hairfall


It’s already monsoon season in many places in India and we have a humid climate everyday with rainfall. To be frank, I have never felt the importance of taking care of my hair until last year. But I had a huge hair loss because of my negligence, which I will ramble in another blog post. For now, here are a few tips to take good care of your hair during monsoon. Also, read my tips on monsoon skin care here. Lets start with some monsoon hair care tips:

Monsoon Hair Care Tips
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