Top 8 Resources For New Moms


I remember when I was pregnant I used to wonder why new moms always complain about lack of sleep. But soon after I started to realize that I was not prepared enough and I did not know a lot of things and during the end of pregnancy, I joined a few communities which has helped a lot. Read on to know more about a few resources that helped me.

Top 8 Resources For New Moms, Indian Mommy Blog

Top 8 Resources For New Moms

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I’m a new mommy!

I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on November 11th 2016. The entire journey was a memorable one, I enjoyed every bit of it. Though I miss being pregnant now, I am busy as a full time mommy and with the lil one it’s hard to keep my blog active. Thereby you will see less or few posts for this month. I will resume blogging full time from February. I have tons of ideas to blog but for now they are just lying in my drafts. I hope I find time and blog full time this month itself.

I am planning to include blog posts on my pregnancy journey, diets, motherhood, Hauls and much more. Do check out my social media links to get instant notifications on my blog posts.

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