Have A Happy Day With These 5 Morning Rituals!

Hello everyone,

Having a good day or a bad day is completely unpredictable. But you can somewhat make your bad day a better day by following some rituals. Your mentality in the morning sets the mood for the rest of the day.

I feel that everyone should do this because being positive and spreading positive vibes is more important these days. It not only makes you happy but also makes people around you happy.

So lets get started,

1. Wake up to something you love

Now this can be ANYTHING you love. it can be your mobile phone, a cup of coffee/ tea, morning walk, cuddling in bed, cuddling with your pet or whatever. Just give some “ME” time and do what you love first thing in the morning.

But also keep in mind to set a time for this, because you don’t want to run late. If you can afford just 2 mins of your time to one thing you love, do it first thing in the morning. I always like to have a cup of tea when I wake up, and this keeps me energized throughout the day and keeps me active.

So do something which you look forward to everyday!

2. Plan your day

Even if you are a stay-at-home-mom, plan your day. Have a to-do list for your day and stay disciplined and consistent. Nothing feels better than the satisfaction you get at the end of the day when you have done everything on the to-do list.

I usually have a notepad to write down my ideas and plans and I also maintain a planner with the to-do list. I make sure that I stay consistent and it makes my day productive and happier. There are a lot of applications on the internet to plan your day but I personally prefer the old school way.

3.Have a healthy breakfast

NEVER SKIP YOUR BREAKFAST. This makes a huge impact on your mental and physical health. When you start having an early and healthy breakfast everyday, you will surely notice a huge difference in your lifestyle.

I usually have porridge and boiled egg for breakfast but not always. And I also make sure I have a heavy breakfast so that i feel full and I have the energy to start the day. I have also noticed that I complete most of the work successfully during the mornings because I feel energetic and happier.

4. Spend some time for exercise

This is something most of us don’t do or neglect in our life. I usually dedicate 20 mins any time during the day for my workout. It can be a brisk walk, climbing the stairs, yoga or any form of exercise. But I make sure I do it continuously for 20 mins a day.

5. Inspirational quotes

Last but not the least, I try and spend at least 15 mins a day to talk to someone who inspires me a lot. I spend time with my husband and I get inspired talking to him because I personally feel that he can spread positive vibes and gives me ideas and insights and teaches me how to approach certain situations in life.

You can always go to the internet and search for motivational quotes, there are a lot of quotes in pinterest or talk to someone who motivates and inspires you. Some people might find it weird to read motivational quotes but I feel it actually works because whoever you are, you need an inspiration and motivation to keep going.

Alright, hopefully you got some ideas or inspirations through this post and how to make yourself happy everyday. Practice makes a man perfect and by following these simple rituals in your life everyday you can make your life happier.

I would also like to tell you, if you are always thinking of not-so-good-things, you will continue to to do that. But if you practice to keep yourself happy, it will definitely become a way of life.

Thank you so much for reading. Stay positive.

Purplish Vintage.

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Biotique Bio Walnut Purifying and Polishing Scrub

Hello beautiful ladies,

So how was new year? Hope you all have a fun filled and a prosperous new year!

Today I am going to review a face scrub from biotique. It is called the Biotique bio walnut scrub. I was introduced to this scrub by YouTube beauty gurus and some beauty blogs. Everyone posted almost good reviews about the product and so I picked this one.

I use scrub twice a week and earlier I used St.Ives scrub. Using a scrub, twice a week, exfoliates your skin and makes the skin breathe removing all the dead cells and making your skin soft and supple. Exfoliation is a must to remove dead skin cells, it makes your skin clear and soft.

About the product:
Biotique bio walnut scrub contains walnut oil, neem, mint, fenugreek and red sandalwood to remove any impurities and dead cells making skin clear and soft.

INR 199 for 50g.

Biotique walnut scrub comes in a tub, and you have to take out the product using your hand. I feel the packaging a little unhygienic because every time you take out the product using your fingers you are allowing bacteria build up which may cause breakouts in your skin.

Experience on the product:
As I said already I use this in my CTM (Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize ) routine twice a week to remove dead skin cells. The scrub is a thick pinkish white cream with small brown granules in it. I find the granules perfect for a scrub, not too harsh or not too soft. It does the job of exfoliation very well though.

It is claimed to be an ayurvedic recipe so it is good for your skin because of the natural ingredients like walnut oil, neem, mint, fenugreek and red sandalwood. All the ingredients mentioned are so natural that you can use without a second thought.

After a few applications, my skin broke out a little bit, I had a few pimples and I don’t know why because all ingredients are natural. But I like this product a lot, because it not only exfoliates my skin but increases my complexion to great extent.

The tub lasts you for two to three months if used twice a week regularly. The product does not have a heavy fragrance too. There is no skin type mentioned on the scrub so it is understood that it can be used for all skin types.

Final Verdict:
I would recommend this scrub to everyone if it did not breakout on my skin. Since I broke out, plus this scrub also exfoliated my skin very well and improved my complexion, I have a love-hate kind of relationship with this product.

1. This is a mild scrub, with not so harsh granules and not so soft granules.
2. Exfoliates skin very well.
3. Improves complexion.
4. Affordable.
5. Leaves skin soft and smooth.

1. After a few applications, my skin broke out which is not so good.
2. It cannot remove blackheads and whiteheads because it is a mild scrub.
3. Tub packaging, not so hygienic.

Overall Rating:

Hope you liked reading this post. Thanks for reading.

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Himalayas Herbals Refreshing Cleansing Milk Review

Hello again,

At the end of the year, I am going to review another amazing product and that is Himalayas Herbals Refreshing Cleansing Milk. This is a cleansing milk and I bought this from Health and glow outlet in Chennai. 

So, I bought this cleansing milk for removing my makeup and this is the first cleanser that I have tried. Initially I was not such a hoarder for makeup products and then I started watching YouTube gurus doing their makeup and I got addicted to makeup (that’s a completely different story! I will post it later). And I don’t regret it at all, because it is all about learning.

I would pacify myself saying that i learnt something new. So I badly needed a makeup remover to clean up my experimental makeup initially. And then when I visited health and glow, I picked this one up.

I use this product for removing my makeup and I also use this after coming back from office or after a tired or sunny day. I use my face wash after cleansing my skin.

About the product:
Himalaya Herbals cleansing milk is suitable for all skin types. It contains lemon and mentha supplements. Deep cleanses, clarifies and refreshes.

Price :
INR 145 for 200ml.

Himalayas Herbals refreshing cleansing milk comes in a plastic container and you have to just press the plastic container to get the product out. Overall packaging is good and the lid is quite tight so that there is no leakage or mess.

Experience on the product:
As I said, I use it after a long day at work or shopping to remove all the dirt from my face. Chennai is such a polluted city that you sweat a lot and so much of dirt gets settled on your face. The cleansing milk is more like thick milk, white and slightly runny.

I take just one pump of the product and massage it onto my face for 2 to 3 mins and wipe it off with a clean and wet cotton sponge, sometimes I even use a wet tissue, and then I use a gentle face wash to clean my face completely.

I like this product as it takes almost all the makeup very well. But I find it difficult to remove my kajal and waterproof mascara with this cleansing milk. I usually use baby oil to cleanse my eye makeup so I wold not say that this cleansing milk removes all the makeup.

For face makeup, yes, this is an excellent cleanser but for eye makeup you need to use a different one. And I have observed that when I use this product to cleanse my eye makeup, even a little product, around my eye area caused irritation and burning. I had to wash my eyes with cold water after that to soothe my eyes.

So I would definitely not recommend this cleanser for your eyes. You need only a little product to clean your face so this product lasts for a long time. And I know there are even better cleansers than this in the market but this product has many natural ingredients in it like lemon and grape seed and natural cleansers are rare in the market these days so I would say this is a good pick!

Final Verdict:
I would recommend this product for cleansing your face makeup but NOT your eye makeup cos it creates irritation. Plus it has some natural ingredients and it decently cleanses your face makeup so you would not regret buying this product!

1. Cleanses face makeup very well and removes dirt.
2. A little amount of the product is enough to remove the entire face makeup so this container goes a long way.
3. Contains some natural ingredients like lemon and grape seed.
4. Affordable
5. Suitable for all skin types.

1. Not suitable for removing eye makeup.
2. Irritates eye are if applied to remove eye makeup.

Overall Rating:

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Clinique super balanced makeup teint foundation 09 sand

Hello beautiful ladies!

Today I am going to review a foundation from clinique. Well to start with I have combination to oily skin. I have a dusky to medium skin tone which breaks out quite rarely and gets oily at my T-zone.
I must say that I have tried a number of foundations before this one, out of which some of them scored well and some didnt. It took me a lot of time (actually years) to figure out the right type of foundation for my skin tone. I did a huge research on foundations over the years that I will be able to write a new post about finding the right type of foundation for your skin. So watch out for my future posts.
Coming back to the foundation, since I was on a foundation hunt for years and one day I happened to visit the clinique store and experimented a few shades ans spoke with the SA and found this foundation apt for my skin. I used this foundation for about at least 10 times and tried it blending differently and layering differently every time.

This is a matte foundation and comes in a frosty glass bottle with no nozzle as such which is a huge disadvantage because one has to be very careful taking out the correct amount of foundation on your hands. Next is that the bottle becomes messy due to the open cap. 
Experience on the product:
It is a light weight, medium coverage foundation which leaves no white cast on your face and doesn’t feel heavy on your skin. It also gives a glowing skin when applied for the first few hours. But this foundation tends to leave my skin oily after some time and require frequent touch ups due to the oiling. It made my oily T-zone even more oily and I had to touch up with a compact every half an hour or one hour. And adding to this it does not have any SPF in it. 
After blending the product
Thereby, this foundation is NOT recommended for day time or summers as it leaves you with an oily skin and if you are going out during summers, sunscreen is a must. I finally recommend this to dry skin ladies and those who have oily skin better stay away.
Final Verdict:
I would highly recommend this foundation to those with dry to normal skin and not for those with oily skin because this makes your skin even more oilier. It gives a glowing face and since is light-weight the foundation is easy to blend. Overall, I would recommend for dry skin beauties!
1. Light-weight foundation
2. Dewy, glowing finish
3. Does not leave a white cast
1. Makes skin oily especially on the T-zone.
2. Packaging – absence of nozzle which makes it difficult to dispense the product
3. No SPF
Overall rating:
Meet you all with another interesting post. Bye!
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Welcome to Purplish Vintage,

Hi beautiful ladies. Welcome to purplish vintage. Here I present you the untold secrets of indian traditional beauty, skin care, hair care secrets and all about womanhood. Being a woman is one of the best blessing because its a woman who can enjoy motherhood, but I believe that woman once burdened with responsibilities as a mother and as a wife, she spends very less time to take care of herself. 

The idea behind this blog is to inspire women who accidentally drop by this blog and who feel that time is a major factor/reason for taking care of herself or if she is really bored about skincare or beauty, well… I am here to inspire such women. Here in this blog I will be posting simple easy to make remedies of skin care, hair care and all important remedies and information about womanhood. 

I am a beauty geek, married and working in an MNC in chennai. I have tried a lot of beauty products and I will be posting various reviews about beauty products, fashion and skin care products.

For PR and business queries contact : purplishvintage@gmail.com
Every soul is beautiful and remember to be confident and wear a smile on your face always. Be beautiful ladies. See you in a new post. Bye for now.
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